Saturday, the 17 of  January 2009 i was able to go to pesque e pague. I had recently been dreaming a lot about fishing and a peacock bass swimming around in my pond. We arrived roughly about 10:30 at the place. after unloading the gear out of the car we trekked down to the pond where i was told had the most pbass. after netting around for a bit i noticed a lack of Apistogramma sp. wagenfleck, ordinarily a quite common fish there. Also, though juveniles were abundant Idid not see a single Satanoperca over two inches. Satanoperca jurupari is high on my whishlist  and i was hoping to collect a few for my aquariums. I began fishing with hook and line after i had sampled around for a bit with the net. I threw the hook (Baited with a chunk of raw meat) into the water and was going to wait 15 seconds before pulling it in and casting it again. I didn’t have too. Tenseconds after i threw it in the bobber ducked under. i didnt manage to set the hook in the fish at first (i took thisas a clue that the fish had a small mouth) but after a few more attempts the fish was hooked!!! i gaped at the beautiful acara on the hand held line. it was about 8 inches long with a small elegant lyretail and long flowing fins. each individual scale was edged in black but the over all color was a brown. i imagined what this would look like in my pond and kept it. i decided to try it again and soon pulled up an equally stunning acara while i was taking the hook off i noticed it seemed to blush a purplish color.

I began fishing with my rod now with a colorful lure i bought for 7 dollars at a bait shop. i had caught a peacock bass before with it and i thought i would try it again.  long story short my reel brok and i got a horendous tangle but i continued casting and pulling the line in. then i moved to another spot and that was the time when i first saw them, a pair of peacock bass (cichla occelarus) ! one was probably about 14 inches while the other one was about nine. i tried bait first but then i attempted to use the lure. they were in a very shallow part and i could see them clearly. then the smaller one GOT IT! he was close enough to shore the fight didnt last long and he was soon beached. i quickly got him in the bucket and let one of the acaras go, i wouldnt have enough room for three large fish. the hook wouldnt come out easily and i stressed the poor thing too much.we got him into the car and then i realized it, THE AIR PUMP PLUG WOULD’NT WORK!!! we drove home as fast as we could and the peacock and the acara were safely home, or were they? the acara did fine and soon was as boisterous as ever. but i cant say that for the peacock bass it didn’t fare well and in two days it died.

I regret a lot of things one of them being i should have made sure the air pump would have worked and the transaction between lake and bucket would have been faster but another thing is, ALWAYS use barbless hooks if you want the fish alive.  this wont be the last pbass i will get but it certainly was a regrettable one.

Hudson Ensz


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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