I was looking through various planted tank pictures, eagerly looking at the beuatiful collection of apistos inside. Then i came to the apistogramma sp. abacaxis, abacaxi means pineapple in portuguese. they were actually on my wish list. Anyway i looked at the red tailed abacaxi’s and then i come to another photo below. It suddenly it hit me! One of my  “agassizis” in my tank was’nt  an agassizi after all!!! it was a subspecies of abacaxi. i imediatelly looked at my tank, past various species of apistogrammas and then i saw it, my very own abacaxi! so now i can add one more fish to my list,  Apistogramma sp. abacaxi. i will try to write an article on it in the future. Stay tuned for pics!!!

Tank size 12 gallon tank

maximum size 3 centimeters

tank setup these fish really enjoy planted tanks and the like. give them plenty of places to hide.

tankmates most small fish work with these fish.


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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