Port cichlid

Cichlasoma portalagrensis

This large south American cichlid is very common in much of its range and is called Acara by the locals. It achieves a length of easily nine inches and it develops a beautiful lyretail. Its finnage is very impressive full of long trailers.

The overall color of this fish is brown with a big black spot on its side and on its tail. A thick line usually connects these markings, much like a game of connect the dots.

This cichlid takes standard fare readily and is quite a hog. I defends its territory against other species but is relatively peaceful to each other. A tank size of more then 75 gallons is recommended.


Tank size:

90 gallons preferably but a little smaller will work

Max size:

10 inches


Substrate doesn’t really matter and it doesn’t need much cover, but it does enjoy something to form its territory around.

Juvi port cichlid

Juvi port cichlid




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Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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