Oreochromis sp.

Oreochromis sp.


Oreochromis is a genus of large, tankbusting cichlids, mostly from distant africa. here i will outline some basic care requirements.

These fish have been introduced to many countries as popular food fish.

Many species of Oreochromis are pretty much “bullet proof”. I have seen a pond of about two hundred gallons with 30 tilapia. There was no water movement and the water was so full of algae that you could not see the fish. Yet the fish bred and grew to some very beautiful specimens.

This goes to show how hardy these fish can be.

The Orechromis are generally very active fish. I have an oreochromis sp. in my pond who is constantly making laps always watching the surface for cichlid pellets i may throw in.

Oreochromis can be aggressive to their own species. I had to seperate a battered 5 inch female from a 7 inch male in my spacious pond. If the size differance between two individuals will be large then plan for a 300 gallon tank!


Cópia de IMG_1338


They can grow up to a foot in length so a large tank is needed.

They are not picky and will eat most anything including pellets, fish, insect larvae etc. 


Cópia de IMG_0259


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  1. Livio says:

    Oreochromis is a genus and not a family!

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