Cópia de P5130205


Probably this will be the last collecting expedition this year as i will be travelling for a long time.

Once again i decided to do some fishing at the equestrian riding stables where my sister rides. this time we would go somewhere else, off the beaten trail. where we ended up was even more off the beaten trail then expected.on the way to the horse stables it started to rain, hard. but fortunately it subsided by the time we got there. We dropped her off and drove down a dirt road. We turned in at a break in the thick shrub that lined the road. i had been on this trail before but didn’t remember seeing water oh well.  We drove the car through trails meant for horses, and drove, and drove, and drove. there was no lake we stopped at a point in the jungle where to one side of the trail sloped fairly deeply int a ravine. We could not see the bottom as all the way down there were bushes and trees, we were in the thick of it.We walked around for a little bit and then decided to go down by foot hoping we could make it down in one piece and maybe, just maybe there would be water at the bottom. So we went down, and down, and down, never knowing when we would get to the bottom, sometimes feeling like there would not be a bottom.

Cópia de P5120189

But at last we found the bottom! A small trickle of water fell down into one puddle after another along the bottom. These trickles gradually grew, and so did the puddles. Realize, that i couldnt see much infront of me because of the bushes and plants. 

Cópia de P5120203

Finally the water was a fairly continuous stream. there i found my first fish. I Immediately identified it as some type of killifish and put it in one of my Ziploc bags.

Cópia de P5120192

Fishing was hard as the long pools had several sudden, deep holes underwater. The water was very murky and you could barely see through the water. I continued and finally when it showed signs of broadening out we came to a barbwire fence, don’t ask me who put it there.

Cópia de P5120195

We crossed it and continued fishing the widening pools. Tadpoles, red shrimp, and killifish came up in my nets occasionally but never abundantly. Once i got two killis and some tadpoles in the net but this was an exeption. I found a nice red killifish and kept it. Finally it was time to go, only killifish in our bags. On the way out, a clearwater pool yeilded the same results.

Cópia de P5120197

I happened to look at my feet while standing in a pool of water when i noticed a long curved object, barely visible in the murk. I couldnt dare to hope that it may be a snake but i scooped at it anyway. 

Cópia de P5120201

 It moved and dissapeared. its tail reapeared a ways away but dissapeared. Unfortunately it didnt reapear again.

The spiny fern.

The spiny fern.

At the edges of the pools there grew a type of fern with thorns, and i owe a lot of scrapes to it. We finally came to the last pool and went up the hill as quickly as we could. It started to pour and we went faster i tried to grab a small tree but suddenly recoiled it, three spines were sticking out of my hand!


We continued and I  hit my shoulder on another thorny tree i started to get annoyed with them. I almost knocked down what was probable a purse spiders home, a clay tube sticking a foot or more out of the ground. Unfortunately I could not get the spider.

Cópia de P5130209

Finally we got to the top and went to the car. We continued on the trail praying it would lead us out. Fortunately it did and we got out fine.

The fish made it home fine and they were put in a container containing some 10 gallons. The only other ocupant was a crab.

Cópia de P5130219

The fish settled in nicely and i noted that they were not as prone to stay at the surface as some other killifish i have caught.


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

4 responses »

  1. pat mcgee says:

    We have exchange emails before.My wife is from Manaus.I met here while I was fishing in Brazil.I have fished all over South America.For the big fish ! It’s great that you are here in the states.I can never get enough jungle fishing.


  2. Hudson says:

    South america, Brazil. Thanks!

  3. Jan says:

    Super cool. I always enjoy hearing about collecting/nature observation outings, especially regarding fish and reptiles.
    Where is this?
    South America, Africa?
    Look forward to more . . .

  4. Stef says:

    A very adventurous feeling to this post.

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