It is finally happening. Our house being a mess, no more fish, a muddy hole where our pond used to be, our cars being sold, they are all reminders of the sad truth. We are leaving temporarily to a new life, living in the US.

As always, one of the hardest things about moving, is seeing your pets go and knowing you probably will never see them again. My tanks and fish are being lent to other people to keep them while i am gone.

Giving them away brings back so many memories, collecting an awesome agassizii and cf. pertensis in itapeaçu, the moments of awe as i saw the paucisquamis in my net in tiririca, collecting A. rupununi outside of manaus, and finding killifish deep in the middle of nowhere, it all comes back.

There is good, along with the bad however, the joy of seeing eyes glowing with pleasure when the tank is brought and put on the stand in their house, or a friends mom showing the catfish lying on the bottom to visitors, or the excitment of a boy who has just been shown the high tech world of filters.

There is always a positive way to look at things, and a negative way to looking at things.

Ill choose the positive way, someone else is being incouraged to love fish, like me.



About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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  1. bats0711 says:

    awwwww Hudson, I’m sorry to read you are having to give away all your fish. Good for you for looking at it in such a nice way.

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