As you may have guessed, i have been travelling!

 We went to vistit some friend in indiana and in there back yard was a lake! i wasted no time and soon was heading out with my tackle some hand line and lures. the fishing was fairly good and i soon caught a largemouth bass, and another one, and another one.

Finally i had caught four bass and was going strong.


First bass

First bass

I was using a cheap worm that i had bought at meijers.

2nd bass.

2nd bass.The bottom was blue with algae killer.

Som other kids came to fish also and having finished their can of worms I lent them a lure.

With my hand line i casted as far as i could and went to help him with the lure. when i got back i pulled on my hand line, It didnt budge i puled again until it came free, trailing weeds.

I pulled them i and when they were about five feet from shore i saw what had got them stuck, A big bass!!! He probably had realized he was hooked and dived fo0r the weeds.

Copy of P7180348

I measured it and it came to 16 1/2 inches my biggest bass yet!

I regret not being able to fight it as it was completely spent by the time i discovered it.

Copy of P7180349

I let it go and hopefully it will live to be caught by other anglers.


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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