My uncle lives by a huge lake in South Carolina and we wanted to visit him.

He had incredible cars, from a brand new challenger to a 1966 Plymouth Barracuda that looked like new and had incredible handling.



Plymouth Barracuda

Plymouth Barracuda

He also had a neon that was built for racing and was incredibly high performance… and got 40 mpg on the side.


Plymouth Neon Plymouth Neon

The lake was often used for fishing tournaments and the bass were incredibly wary.

The first morning I got up early and started fishing with a new Rapala lure that mimicked a perch On the third cast I had a bite. I set the hook quickly and fought the large fish to the shore I was not sure what it was until finally it came out of the water, a large channel catfish, the first I had ever caught!


I reached in and grabbed it. The channel weighed in at over two pounds and was 20 inches long!

I put him on a stringer and continued to fish. It wasn’t too long till I had another bite and a big fish on the line. This time it was a 15 inch bass and it weighed 1 pound one ounce. I let him go.

15 inch 1.15 pound bass.

15 inch 1.15 pound bass.


The next 3 days I caught nothing but my sister caught a 13 inch bass.


Walking along the shore I could see myriads of bass some larger then 20 inches but I could not induce them to bite. I saw a 30+ inch gar and hooked it in its mouth. It took a while for it to realize that it was hooked but then it swam away like a freight train and took the entire line off my reel eventually snapping my swivel and taking my new 9 dollar rapala lure with it speeding away into the deep.


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