Rumor had it that the owner had gone out one day and made fifty casts.

Out of those fifty casts he caught thirty largemouth bass. I was skeptical, until I went there.

I got there and assembled my break apart rod. and selected a small worm i thought that if anything was biting then I would hook it with my worm.

First cast and i had a bite, second cast and I successfully landed it. A 10 inch largemouth. I switched to a rooster tail and imediately had another fish on the line This time it was 9 inches long.

Cópia de P8050110

After releasing it I switched lures to a hula popper and caught another small bass.

Cópia de P8050108

Caught with a rapala

Caught with a rapala

 Cópia de P8050121

Cópia de P8050124

Cópia de P8050127

I switched again to a rapala and again and again. only two lures didnt catch bass. I got more and more and decided to try my worms out I casted once and caught a bass after a few bites and then i casted again and waited for it too hit the bottom, it never did a fish bit the lure and made a long run this fish fought a lot harder then the other ones.

My drag was going but i gained some line. Finally it jumped. my mouth opened wide, this was a big fish!


The fish made a series of runs pulling at my drag. I brought it closer and it dived for the weeds. i was afraid of the fish getting away and i waded over to them.

My heart skipped a beat as i felt among the weeds my hand connected with a large fish, the bass was still on! I grabbed it and went back a short ways to the shore.

Cópia de P8050136

Cópia de P8050135

I measured it  at 15 inches it fought really hard and after snapping some photos I released it.

Cópia de P8050142 

 In all i caught over 30 bass, though none of them were very big.

My sister and dad both caught some bass while i gathered up my stuff.

My dad.

My dad.

 Cópia de P8050149

And last of all, my fighting a bass…

Cópia de P8050146


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Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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