This week I was finally able to collect darters in indiana, this time I was going to bring them home.

It all started on a beautiful sunny day at five in the after noon. we drove to the beginning the creek and after collecting insect for a few minutes proceeded down the trail to the stream.

Upon arrival i took of my shoes and waded in with my net. Small fish scurried away but soon with a dip of my net I caught a female orange throat darter. It took almost a half an hour to get a really beautiful male but when i did he went in the jar with the females.

I also succeeded in catching a sunfish a dace and an unidentified fish.

After fishing for a couple more minutes farther down the stream I turned my attentions towards collecting salamanders. In the end I only caught two species and brought some back with me.

The fish back at home.


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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