At 10 AM i visited a friend who had kept one of my aquariums and a few of my fish. He showed me the pond where one of my fish resided plus a pond filter that i he had borrowed. It was much cleaner then i thought and he told me that he had cleaned the filter many times, what a relief! He took me inside Where he showed me a 10 gallon aquarium i had lent him. Inside was 6 otocinclus catfish, three trichogaster tricheropterus (sp) and a lonely geophagus! I plan to keep the geo and otos but the gouramis dont really float my boat…

I got the aquarium back home and imediately dumped the orange, green, purple and blue painted rocks, as well as the plastic palm trees and seashells ughhh.

Then came the surprise the bottom panel was broken into 3 pieces! long ugly lines of dried sylicon that had meant to seal it up was coming undone and leaking rapidly.

As soon as possible i will get it replaced for $12.

Could have been worse though.

As soon as i charge the camera batteries i can upload pics.


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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