In the last few days I have set up the 35 gallon tank, and put the fish in it.

There isnt that much to say I have a leaking 10 gallon, an empty 20 gallon and a 35 gallon with a geophagus, 5 otocinclus, three catfish, and 3 gouramies. Only the otos and geo will stay and possibly the bumble bee cat as well.

The water is cloudy and i am considering a 80 percent water change.

Note: i was able to set these tanks up because of some gravel from a tank that had already cycled.

Here are the test results

Nitrate around 10
Nitrite close to zero
Water is very soft, less the 50
Kh about 75-100
Ph Too low for test



About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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