The Taeniacara candidi has long been one of my absolute favorite fish. I have collected them in various areas and bought them a couple of times, ussually mixed in with rummynose tetras.

Size: 2 inches

Distribution: Rio negro area

Aggression, tankmates. This fish does best only with calm, and non belligerant species. Apistos and tetras may take chunks out of the fish’s tail eventually taking a toll on the fish.

Housing requirements. This is a sensitive fish! Needs good water perameters, lots of food and nonaggressive  tankmates. In my opinion this will be the first fish to die when the water quality goes bad. I believe this fish can be kept for life in a ten gallon aquarium. Give this fish lots of cover lots of live food, and exellent water quality and this fish will not dissapoint.

Notes. In nature they are found in slow moving streams and natural ponds.


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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