Recently i took a trip from my temporary home in indiana to go to a friends house in Ohio we hoped to do some fishing, look for some plants/flowers, camp a night and photograph everything.

I took the Nikon l100 with some rechargeble batteries and some replacement nonrechargeables.

We had a blast. The first day i caught some darters for my aquarium and put them in my new kordon breather bags. I caught some rainbow darters, some fantail darters and an unidentified darter from a stream in their back yard were small fish abounded.

Their dad was a falconer and owned a very impressive redtailed hawk and an adorable American Falcon.
They also owned horses, an amusing ferret and some other domestic birds.

On the second day we decided to go to a nearby park and fish and hike. He let me use his fly rods and i caught some medium sized bluegill and unfortunately the bass werent biting no matter what we threw in front of them. after lunch we headed home and fished at another nearby lake. We caught enough blugill to eat and then headed home.

We camped at the lake and i got up early to fish for some more bluegills I didnt keep any but caught about four with a fly.

I caught some rainbow darters and fan tailed darters in the next few days and took them home for my aquarium.

American falcon



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Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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