If you would casually gaze into my 20 gallon long tank I am 100 percent sure that the first fish you would see would be my Oscar. I bought him last week and have fallen in love with him. This fish is truly oxymoronic in and of itself. A small 2 inch body with huge greenish eyes that reminds one of two glass marbles. The fins are dark black, edged with white, and oversized and are constantly moving, but actually this fish is rather clumsy in the cutest sort of way. The mouth looks small but is already capable of inhaling anything that might drop into the tank. The body is a deep black with white speckles and lines all over it, especially on the stomach. This will be my second oscar and the main problem with the species is it grows out of its juvinile stage so fast. But thats okay since this species is just as beautiful when adults.


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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