I have been severely lacking in dechlorinator, I have injured my foot badly and hauling around buckets didn’t seem appealing. Plus, I had used up my last squirt of dechlorinator last water change. I went over a week without doing water changes. On some tanks this would be fine but I have less than optimal filtration on one of my tanks and two other overcrowded ones. Saturday I finally broke down and got an incredibly small bottle of dechlorinator, by a very, very… cheap, brand for $4 USD. It worked better than I thought but  while the last and biggest aquarium was filling up, the tap water stopped, as often does in Manaus at night. Great! I do 80-90% water changes normally and this was no exception. I added just enough water to keep the filter submerged and left it for the night.
The next day I filled the tank with water but when I came back in an hour almost all of the fish were lying on their sides looking close to death with glazed eyes and clamped fins. I had forgotten the dechlorinator. I emptied the tiny bottle into the tank and prayed they would survive. After church a Sturisoma catfish died, and that night a single ‘Geophagus died, but I was afraid they ALL would die!

They are all eating and doing great.

I also had my first outbreak of ich this year (actually, I havent had ick for over a year) in my newest 20 gallon. I applied the medicine and it all cleared up within twelve hours, I will keep an eye on it. It was likely caused by declining conditions and so fish were more susceptible to disease, or maybe the new Nannacara or A. gibbiceps introduced it.

One last discouraging loss, a brand new Laetecara jumped out of the tank.

Man! After reading all that I wonder if I am a good fishkeeper!


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

2 responses »

  1. Hudson says:

    Thank you! I will keep up the updates!

  2. Joseph says:

    I am fully confident in your abilities and knowledge, keep up the good work (and updates)!

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