This pike recently showed up in a pet store that mainly sells regional fish, for about a month these fish were always in but this ended suddenly and I havent seen any for a while. These fish came from the tefe area and I bought one just before he stopped selling them. This fish is a hog and is always begging for food.

Size: this pike can grow to almost 8 inches.

Distribution: This fish comes from the tefe area.

Aggression, tankmates: This is a large aggressive cichlid avoid at all costs keeping this with a similar looking pike, will most likely not work. This fish doesnt seem to bother other cichlids as much but mine has 5 other cichlids with it and the only aggression is chasing fish away from the front of the tank. Dont keep it with fragile fish!

Keeping requirements: This fish comes from soft acidic water and to a certain extent those requirements must be met. Keep in a tank about 5 feet long. Mine is currently in the four footer but it is not yet full grown.

Notes: This fish is not the most beautiful species of pike, I really enjoy this species. It is the most outgoing pike i have. If you find one for sale, get it these are not common fish.


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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