Apistogrammas! Yep you saw this one coming.
Breather Bags. It makes transporting fish so much easier.
Collecting my own fish. This furthers my interest of fish every time I catch a fish.
Dwarf Cichlids.
Eels. I have always loved eels and I like my gymnotid.
Filters, imagine my life without them!
Google maps, they help me find the closest stream.
Houses, you got to keep tanks somewhere!
Internet, get information on almost any topic.
Janitor fish, they help keep the tank clean.
Keeping Killer fish. Who doesn’t want a predator tank?
Lots of aquariums. Just thinking about it sounds good.
My blog where I can post updates.
Nets, they are very helpful tools!
Observing Odd Oscars. So odd, in a good way.
Photagraphing fish, I really enjoy taking pictures.
Quarintine tanks.
Rivers. Nothing is more beautiful than a clear river full of fish!
Snakes, spiders, snails, shrimps. They are diverse and make fishing trips intersting.
Taeniacara candidi, even their name is cool.
Unusual fish. Oddballs are awesome.
Vacations to remote streams.
Wading in the water, SO refreshing.
X-ray fish.
Yawning photos, hard to get yet so rewarding
Zoom, a camera with no zoom isnt very useful.


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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