Fish photographers are always trying to get better aquarium pictures, the vast majority of those do not have expensive DSLR cameras or even high dollar Point and Shoots.
Here are seven ways that you can improve your photos and have a better photoshoot.

My cleaning Utensils include two sponge pieces and a paper towel.

1)These quick tasks will only take a few minutes and will improve your shots considerably. Note: Be sure to do the in-tank adjustments at least a half an hour before the photoshoot.

2)Clean that glass! Dust and smudges on glass can ruin an otherwise great picture. Also certain cameras have a tendency to focus on the exact things you dont want them to, clean that glass!
Use two sponges (check the wrapper, some sponges are not aquarium safe) one dry and one wet. The wet one is for the inside front glass pane and the other is used to remove dust and smudges from the outside. A handy paper towel can be used to wipe up the rest. A razor will help too.

The photo besides bieng out of focus would otherwise have been a good picture, but the unclean glass effectively ruins it.

Though minor, the dust on the glass is still distracting.

A classic example of dirty glass.

3)Rearrangments. Few tanks are constantly arranged strategically for photos. Plant the plants and make sure you have at least some kind of background for the aquarium, plugs in the background never helped a picture.

4)Waterchange. Generally you want the cleanest water as possible so deffinately do a waterchange if the water is looking yellowish or there are lots of suspended particles.

This photograph turned out nicely partly do to the overhead light. Problems include a less then optimal background and some debris.

5)Lighting. This is one of the most important parts of photography. Without light photos are nearly impossible. Generally put as much light as possible over a tank. Be sure to change the white balance depending on the kind of lighting. If you have a DSLR or a camera with a hotshoe you can use an external flash to get better pictures but ussualy you will have to rely on the camers flash or lights. Good lighting will help the camera focus and almost always boost the shutter speed.

Next week I will post the second part, where we get to actually bringing the camera out.

Good background, and composition the turquoise on the anal fin came out well and the figure attracts attention. Unfortunately there is some motion blur an the mouth is slightly out of focus.


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