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It was 4:45 and I had just found a perfect stream leading into the igarape. I could plainly see a school of pencilfish frolicking in the open water. Previously I didn’t even know there were Laetecaras in this area but if my eyes did not deceive me, there was one in the clear water looking up at me. I brandished my net and it darted into the weeds. The pencilfish did too and they succeeded in  evading every sweep of the net. I did catch what appeared to be a dying Taeniacara candidi another first for this area.

 I poked my net into the weeds and there was the Laetecara!

I had to get it back to the breather bags at the beginning of the trail, so I ran. I came to a part in the trail that was covered with polluted mud. In my genius mind I thought, I’ll jump it! And I did. My left foot hit the ground. and by the time my right foot touched the ground a searing pain shot up my leg. I limped to a stop and the pain grew and became more excruciating.
The breather bag was just 10 more feet and I plopped the Laetecara in it collapsing on the ground beside it. What ever I had stepped on could wait, my Laetecara needed water! I sat down, my entire body feeling dead and numb. At first I thought that a snake had bitten me, a very poisonous one at that. I grabbed my foot and bent my toe back. Every thing became out of focus and the only thing I could see was my toe seemingly open up. 

It looks worse in person, TRUST me.

I couldn’t feel it now I was feeling too weak, the only thing I could think of was that I was dreaming and that definitely wasn’t my toe. Unfor


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