I collected this apisto in a beautiful scenic clearwater river, I brought them home that same day, and have enjoyed my group ever since.

Size: This apisto may grow to close to 2 inches.

Distribution. There is several forms of A. cf. pulchra and they are found mostly in the Amazon region. 

Aggression, tankmates. These fish may pick on slow fish with flowing fins but they are not overly aggressive unless protecting young. Pencilfish work well with them as do other Apistogrammas.

Housing requirements. As this fish is overly large it doesn’t require a tank larger than 12 gallons. This fish does best in conditions tailored to south american fish, low ph and very soft water. I have heard that apistos do very well with mostly still water. This means more waterchanges and smaller filters than ordinarily used in the tank. Enjoys picking aufwuchs (a fancy name for small algae and detritus) from plants.

Notes. These fish grow into very nice adults, they are very similar to some A. agassizii but I would take these anyday.


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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