Lighting- 20 watt flourescent w/ reflectors.

Filtration- Penn-plax cascade 300.

Substrate- Fine beach sand.

Plants- Two native unidentified plants, dying Vallisneria, Amazon sword, and Eleocharis.


Apistogramma gibbiceps male and female.

I hope they will pair up. They are very interesting apistos and are *sigh* eating now.

Female A. gibbiceps.

A. gibbiceps male.

Apistogramma rupununi

The A. rupununi in this tank is the prettiest rupununi I have ever seen, spangles galore.

Acarichthys heckelli

I would love to keep a group of these little eartheaters, they get so pretty!


A voracious eater, striking pattern too! He is eating so much he is already noticeably larger.

Heros efasciatus

This was on my wish list. And I mistook it for a discus in my net! Fine specimen I got too!


Also a good eater gets a striking pattern on the tail as adults.

Brochis splendens

My only cories, not one has died in my tanks yet. Very fun little fish. They get so excited when I feed them!

Myleus sp.

This is a good eater too and one who has grown a lot since I caught it on the amazon.

Nannacara taenia

A very shy fish, but is starting to take tubifex worms. This is my first Nannacara and they are really entertaining!

Gymnotid eel

Unfortunately I don’t have a good picture of this unusual fish. It is very shy and only comes out at night. Very cool fish.


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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