A few years ago I was big on Tarantulas, I would keep them in either a plastic bins, four feet high screened in enclosure that I made for them, or a glass aquarium.

I kept about four or five differant species, I wasn’t able to identify them all but I tried my hardest.

Avicularia sp, there are at least three different species here.

This was my long time favorite tarantula. It started my addiction and I had a beautiful specimen for almost a year. Best tarantula ever. It closely matches the peruvian pinktoe but it probably was A. brasiliensis.



An interesting, blondish tarantula more acrobatic and arboreal then the avicularias.

Assorted species

A very interesting tarantula that someone found for me, it was dead on arrival unfortunately. It was an adult male and had gorgeous coloring.

A handsome species, i didnt keep it.

This isn’t a tarantula, but a really cool Mygalamorph.

This one loved to spike its abdominal itching darts all over my hand.

Dwarf tarantula

If I could keep any tarantula in the world right now it would be this! So cute. I found this in the amazon jungle looking under bark.

BTW I held all of them all of the time without getting bitten. Their urticating hairs however, kept me on my toes!


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

2 responses »

  1. Hudson says:

    Thanks! Not all of them do that. The one in the photo was sort of special he does it to look less conspicuous.
    Btw tarantulas are half blind, and are just trying to avoid getting eaten.

  2. lifewith4cats says:

    Wow that pic of the tarantula With all its legs straight out in front of it and behind. I didn’t realize they ever lay like that. I had to stop looking about halfway down though, My heebie jeebies too much for me. Eegaad I am creeped out now.

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