After the cracked aquarium incident I took the light off, got out the sand, rescued the fish, and took out the driftwood in the tank. I set the driftwood on the back patio to dry and left it. Three hours later I came back to the house after eating lunch. To my astonishment I saw my adult Agamyxis albomaculatus on the patio. It was wriggling around with a lone ant wrestling with it. I realized that the catfish had to have been inside one of the pieces of driftwood that I left to dry in the sun. I ran outside and grabbed the spiny catfish. Racing back inside with it I dropped it in my 16 gallon aquarium. My mom was sure it was dead but after a few minutes in the tank it began swimming around. Is this nature’s bullet-proof fish?


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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