Cats and Hobbies

Warning! If you are looking for serious topics on fish, read no further!

 I have never really had felines interested in my various hobbies before, probably because we have never had a house cat. Now we do. It’s really a blast, the cat follows us around the house soaking up all the attention it can get and when it gets tired it will walk away and we “mindless” humans follow IT around giving it more attention until WE get bored. By then the cat is well rested and follows us again.

Anyway. The cat does not have easy access to the aquariums so to be truthful I am usually the one who instigates the interaction between fish and cat. As the cat swats clumsily at the glass, the Oscar maneuvers easily around the cat, all the while begging for food. At this point the cat gets bewildered and usually falls off the tank stand.

Originally I had planned to name this post “Cats and Tanks” Not only was this an unattractive title but a very interesting event changed the course of this post.

I am a creature of habit and I enjoy eating a snack every afternoon at four on our porch, just enjoying the outdoors.

All of a sudden my cat dashes out of the door behind me. In her mouth was a baby, 14 inch Iguana! I walk cautiously behind her and jumped on her. Prying her mouth open, I rescued the terrified reptile. It is currently in a small plastic terrarium, but I will let it go tomorrow.


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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  1. hopeinbrazil says:

    Hi Hudson, Since I know next to nothing about fish, this post was just my speed. =)

    Aunt Hope

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