So I am currently awaiting a pond for my fish, a large one, at least 8 feet long and three feet wide. We have selected the spot and all that remains to be done, is to cut the grass around the site (it is about 2 feet tall) and then the actual construction.

My point for this post is about a tricky situation for my largest tank. My problem probably stems from the fact that I have 12 fish in it. That doesn’t sound too bad but when you factor in their hardy appetites, and huge body mass, well it’s just a big bioload. I have a large internal pump, it is plenty strong but it offers no mechanical filtration. Yeah that hurt. To make matters worse I just introduced an 11 inch plecostomus. That’s pretty bad.

So I do lots of 90 percent water changes until I build the pond. To do this I bought a new big bottle of Aqua safe, total price, 25 dollars for 250 ml. Who said this hobby was cheap?

Why am I writing this? I don’t actually know, but I guess its just to say that one of the main factors of keeping happy fish is water quality (food, housing and water parameters are the other biggies). I have heard of an Oscar being perfectly healthy in a 5 gallon with perfect perams (this was a flow through system and is very hard to replicate). I firmly do not recommend doing this to any poor fish though!

So basically water quality = healthy fish so I am doing my best to change water everyday to keep the nitrates down.


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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