I jumped away from the spines attempting to grab me and pull me down but there was no escape, they were everywhere. We continued on, avoiding the various kinds of thorny plants, palm trees, ferns, vines, and others, lurking everywhere.

Finally we had to stop. I looked straight ahead and almost laughed. a solid wall of 6 foot tall ferns, just like the ones we had been struggling through for the last 5 minutes, we knew we couldn’t go any farther.

We headed back along the trail to another spot on the same stream that was easier to get to.

Another 10 minute trip walking on felled banana plants so we wouldn’t sink in the mud and we arrived at the stream. It was pretty. This time of year it was faster than normal and surprisingly, even clearer.

Here the water tested at .025 ppm of ammonia, 70 GH and KH (a lot higher than usual) and, the shocker, ph of low 7.0s! I did not get around to testing the water until the next day so I am thinking that the water could have changed somewhat overnight.

For more on this collecting trip check back tomorow for more!


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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