I was with two fishing companions; the one named Jonathan had been with me on a previous trip to the same place a few months back (https://passionate4pikes.wordpress.com/2010/12/03/fish-collecting-on-november-13th/)

Using my homemade net I was successful in catching an adult Corydoras vitattus that I had been looking for, I also caught Bujurquina sp., Cichlasoma portalagrensis, numerous wild guppies (Probably Poecilia reticulata) and a few Rineloricaria sp. I saw a lot of Brochis splendens in the water but didn’t succeed in catching any here.

I continued down river and our collecting party succeeded in catching three freshwater crabs.

 Last time we where there we had caught two shrimp but this time we did not catch any. At the beginning of the trip I was beginning to fear that we wouldn’t catch anything new… up until that point everything we had caught was back home in my tanks. For this reason I was very excited when a handsome, two-inch, shiny tetra showed up in my net. Ordinarily it may have gone unnoticed but I happily kept it.

I decided that I wanted to explore a new section of the river so we went down-stream a little ways. Here the stream was faster and had a large fallen log across part of it. In this area I caught two larger plecos. Jonathan caught a small pleco that looked like it may be an  Ancistrus sp(L309)

I caught two juvenile Brochis splendens the first and only specimens on this trip. We could have gone down farther but we began to be pressed for time. We found that we had only 15 more minutes of fishing time so I began looking for a new biotope. I found one. A few yards away from the stream there lay a stagnant pool of water. I saw a small school of guppies swimming near the surface, so I figured there may be some interesting fish in it. Jonathan didn’t think so and told me so. I dipped my net in a few times and only came up with a few guppies. My other fishing buddy was walking along the shore and yelled. He told us there was a huge fish by the bank. He was obviously excited and Jonathan quickly handed him the net. One sweep and he brought up the biggest plecostomus I had ever seen caught. It was a splendid adult Pterygoplichthys punctatus, no less than 11 inches long, it barely fit in the photography tank!

Stay tuned for the next articles on the fish, back in the my aquariums.


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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