As you may know, my Nikon is currently not working very well, the LCD screen is broken, and  even though it still takes pictures its like shooting blind.

The following shots were shot with my Nikon without using the LCD screen. I did not know it but it was on sport mode and was only using 3 megapixels! The only way to see what should be on the LCD screen, is by hooking it up to the television screen; if only I had a viewfinder!

Finally I was able to take a good picture of my largest pleco.

If I buy another camera, this will be my check list.
View Finder
I have had too many LCD screens break.
At least 7X zoom
For me having 15X zoom on my Nikon was like a dream come true, there weren’t very many things I couldn’t zoom right up to.
GOOD Macro
Our current Olympus Stylus has a very good super macro, you can get right up to the subject. The problem? No flash on that mode. Yesterday I was attempting to photograph a small interesting beetle with low light. It didn’t work at all. The insect kept on moving and the shutter speed was too slow. If you go out of super macro you (without zoom) have to stand two feet away. Good luck with your macro shots.
Big Lens
This is sometimes important, I look for the larger lenses. As they often are capable of a faster shutter speed.
Manual Controls 
This is a big one for any serious photographer you should be able to set ISO, shutter speed, aperture and ttl. Unfortunately my Nikon did not have any of those controls, it was all automatic. 
Yeah I really want one, if only they were a couple hundred cheaper.

I am very pleased with this shot the colors came out nicely and both of the fish appear to be in focus.

Here is a shot of my smallest aquarium, it contains ten gallons. 


Recently I added some rocks to my planted 20 gallon. I think they look nice!


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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  1. hopeinbrazil says:

    Nice work, Hudson!

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