Today I got my monthly TFH magazine, I was ecstatic! I opened the pages and read through the book, speed reading style, getting a feel for the articles. On page 78 a blown up picture of a Rineloricaria. I had three of those. So I read the article. I won’t tell you what it said here, but it inspired me to have a Rineloricaria day on my blog.

My Rineloricarias share a 200 gallon bond with a few cichlids and other catfishes. It looks like their mouths control the body, and it is very funny to watch. My largest is around 4 inches and it is a male it seems darker than the rest and I am wondering if it is another species.

I caught the Rineloricarias in a small stream near my house the water was clear though not pristine, and the flow was moderate to fast the ph was high , around the mid 7s. They were often found around wood but not always. The substrate was sandy and they prefered certain parts of the stream than others, often where you could catch one, another was probably close by.

They were found with a few cichlids, other catfishes, and guppies.

These are really interesting catfish and even though they dont move very much, you can still use them for substrate!


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Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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