This is the second part of my story of a recent adventure to a local river here in Manaus, Brazil.

Still no Apistogrammas. I had caught catfish, tetras and other cichlids, but no apistos. I had hoped for a new Apistogramma but when I did catch one, it turned out to be A. hippolytae. I did keep the three that I caught but I already had a tank full of them. They where very nice though and I caught two females and one male.

Along with a scoopfull of shiny, silver tetras came a new fish, one I had never caught before, a piranha. No I couldn’t set up a tank just for it so I had to let it go. Oh yeah did I mention it bit me?

Next I caught a catfish that reminded me of a Rhamdia species, in the aquarium it hides most of the time but is very active at feeding time.

My only pike of the trip was next, I am not sure of the species but unfortunately it died in transit, RIP.

I was very surprised when a large crab showed up in my net. It was the first of that kind that I had seen and it made me glad I had shoes on.

This fish had me yelling, my first cardinal tetra! I didn’t even know they were around Manaus. It had a brighter red tail than the cardinals from the Rio tefe.

Note, the cardinal was very faded by the time it was photographed.

The only pencilfish I caught was a new species for me.

My first Otocinclus ever!

The next good fish was a large headstander. I caught two of them on the trip.

Until next time where I will post in-tank pictures.


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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  1. avto says:

    Thanks – where is article source?

  2. Great pictures. Very interesting.

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