Yesterday I visited a small local fish store (LFS in fish lingo) to look for any oddballs, Apistogrammas, pike cichlids, peacock bass, Nannacaras, or acaras.

I was able to find an Apistogramma gibbiceps, in a tank chock full of cardinal tetras. Despite the usual array of wild tetras, discus, angelfish, plecos, and captive bred swordtails, guppies, platies and beautiful loaches, I found a bichir in one of the aquariums, one of the first I had seen in Manaus. I didn’t buy anything, since I am saving my money to restore my tank.


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Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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  2. Johm says:

    O! Really?
    I’d love to…..

  3. Hudson says:

    Sure. There are about three good, fish shops that sells apistos regularly but they mostly sell A. gibbiceps, A. agassizii, A. cf. pertensis, A. hippolytae and occasionally A. paucisquamis. Get in touch with me if you want some free apistos, just saying.

  4. Johm says:

    Hey friend !!
    Could you please give me more detail about fish store in manaus which selling Apistogramma.
    I m planning to travel manaus soon.

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