Yesterday I took a trip to the Rio Negro to catch fish. Actually 5/6ths of the time was spent getting there. I estimate that I walked about 3-4 miles, got 4 buses, waited about 3 hours at bus stops, walked for an hour, was in buses for 1 hour and fish almost a whole hour. But since I didn’t have school that day I didn’t care I was alone and almost free.

I had been told that a bus going straight to the Ponta Negra (my ultimate location) passed by my house. So after walking for 15 minutes I arrived and waited for the bus to pass. I waited for about an hour and then asked a local restaurant owner if he knew if one passed by. He said no. Great.I walked back this time taking a big detour passed a shop selling exotic motorcycles, and cars. In the garage they were working on a Ferrari F430 The first Ferrari I had seen in Manaus.

They also had a black convertible Porsche Boxster S, a blue Ford Raptor, a white 2012 VW Tiguan hybrid, Volvo XC60, and a  Pontiac Solstice.

I also saw a few other cars from the bus

BMW 5 series GT

BMW Z4 hardtop convertible

I walked home and after lunch decided to attempt, one more time to get to the Ponta Negra. I left at 3:00 and got there an hour and half later. When I got to the river I realized just how much the water had risen, probably close to 10 feet.

Fishing was hard because there where no banks out of water. With my net I was able to catch a few tetras, two Mesonauta insignis and a small unidentified fish.

The water was clear, though with a definant brown tint to it. It was also fairly warm at the surface

I found a small iguana on a small tree and succeeded in catching it. It was pretty healthy looking. I realeased it again after taking pictures.

I left at 5:30, just as a nice sunset was forming on the horizon.

To top it all off I walked along the river and bought a coke and a cheese-on-a-stick.

On the way back I saw one more thing….

Honda 1000RR CBR


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

5 responses »

  1. Hudson says:

    Btw the car Volkswagen labeled as 2012 Tiguan is actually a Toureq sorry.

  2. Grace from Brazil says:

    For all the trouble it looked like it was an adventure. What a spring breaks for but to launch out and do new things! Great post, Hudson.

  3. Johm says:

    Nice job!

  4. Olivia says:

    You know Hudson, I actually wrote about this topic today on my website. This post has given me some food for thought, I feel you made lots of very intriguing points. In fact, I simply wish I’d discovered it before I wrote my own article! Cheers :-P,


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