We arrived at the small creek after an exhaustive descent from the mountain… err hill after crossing a small tributary on a half-broken out bridge. As I looked into the water there, I could only see splash tetras. I walked further along the trail and saw some Aequidens and pencilfish.

Five minutes later I stepped into the water with my net. after two steps along the sand the mud bottom gave way and immediately I was up to my hips in mud. The mud was incredible, the water was 12 inches deep but the mud in some places was three feet deep. Thankfully the smell was not that bad. After a few tetras, I caught an Apistogramma, one that I had been wanting for almost a year.

Apistogramma gibbiceps!


I continued fishing, struggling through the mud as best I could.

I caught some colorful shrimp, an Aequidens, some Copeina spalsh tetras, and a few Nannostomus marginatus.

After a few adult A. gibbiceps I was able to catch my first female.

 We also saw some interesting nature,

a dead Cobra Cipó,

lots of beautiful dragonflies,

 and some interesting plants.

NOTE: My camera’s ISO was set at an incredibly high 1600 so all of the photos are grainy, forgive me!


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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