This post was previously in my other blog, but I plan to take the blog in a new direction and the theme will not allow for this many photos. I did not want to lose this article so I will copy it here.

I aproached the palm tree warily, stopped and watched it. I looked for any wasps, none, I looked at the base and the fronds, no ants.I walked towards it and unceremoniously pulled a dead branch out. Imediately myriads of termites poured out. Termites bite so I was about to leave when I saw it. A large web wich imediately gave me the impression of a funnel. I tried to bend back the base of the frond it was in. It was not dead and I just couldnt bend it. This was frustrating! Then as I watched the web I noticed a bunch of small spiderlings. On closer Inspection I saw that they were baby tarantulas.
I tried to find another tarantula but in a few minutes later I came back. Long, brown, hairy legs were protruding from the web.

I picked up a small twig and twitched it against the silk. the tarantula moved out. After a few more twitches, the tarantula got annoyed, fangs opened and its two front legs shot up showing a black and red underside.

He even bit the blade of grass a few times.

I was able to get it mostly out but when I tried to block its entrance back in, it managed to scramble back in. I had used up my vast (or not so vast) store of patience. So I poured water water down its hole. The water just ran out the bottom. My ears where hurting because the little bugger was laughing so hard.

So I brought out the big guns. I got a strong twig and coaxed him out by force, when he was out enough I pinch grabbed him and after a few pics put him in a bag.

Less than an hour later he was put in a two gallon terrarium.


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Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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