Name: Hudson Ensz
Location: Itapeaçu, Amazonas, Brazil.
Equipment: Broken handnet, One man seine, Fly gear, Spinning gear, Broken camera, and leaky Breather bags.
Mission: Find, capture and subdue rare cichlids and bring them back… alive
Details: You will be provided a high-end SuperBus (okay not quite), to get you to the city of Itacoatiara, from there you must walk for miles until arriving at the dock where your boat could possibly be. Find the bus in time and ride it for four hours until you arrive at the small town of Itapeaçu. Note: It is advisable to take a few hours off, trying to memorize the name… then, if when you get lost in the jungle you can get back.

I woke early in the morning to get the bus that was scheduled to leave at 6:00. The bus left on time and four hours later we stopped at Itacoatiara.

 We were half way there and so far it had been a piece of cake. Then we started the death march. We walked on a never-ending road with my über heavy load. 30 minutes later we arrived at the dock. Our instructions were literally, “You will find your boat at the big ice thing”. We asked to different people where it was and of course, they pointed to opposite directions. Another 15 minutes and we found our boat Hurrah!

We strung up our hammocks and for then next four hours told wild stories about incredibly sized snakes and eating Toucans and encounters with snakes and Electric eels (there were a lot of fishermen and hunters).

One of the fisherman. He claims to have hit a hummingbird with a slingshot and eaten the heart.

The time passed quickly and we found that we had passed the last bend of the river and were arriving at the dock. 20 minutes later and we were in our house. another few hours and I was ready to fish.

The first collecting site was a small creek here fish were abundant. The first fish were some splash tetras, an Acaronia nassa, and Laetecaras plus a few juvenile Apistogramma

Acaronia nassa juvinile

Female Laetecara

I got a few species of Apistogrammas, cacautuoides and what I think is A. agassizii. I caught a third, unidentified species, both males and females.

The head of the fish is cut off because I took the photo with a broken viewfinder.

I also caught a striped eel and a few Cichlasomas.

I bagged the fish and left for home, when I got back I took photos of them in a dark room by using a flashlight.

Laetecara and eel

Male unidentified apisto

Female unidentified apisto

Stay tuned for Day two!


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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