We had a plan. We were going to leave at 5:00 in the morning. So of course as predicted by many, we only got off by 6:30. After a few hours we arrived by the blackwater lake at about 8:30.

Then we looked for an entrance to the lake for about an hour.

When we finally found it I thought we could finally get our lines we… but it was not to be for another hour or so. We were supposed to meet up with some other locals who could give us fruit for bait.but after an hour or so of searching in our small 5 seater aluminum canoe we went back to the main boat without finding them..

We bought some meat at a small house on the other side of the river for bait and a friend banged a small piraosca cat from  the main boat before we went back to the lake on the smaller boat to fish.

 A few times one of our rods would suddenly bend deeply but it wasn’t until about the fourth time that the fish stayed on the line. They were Red Belly Piranhas and they were very common. Everyone caught at least one and in the end I was able to catch three.

They will hit the bait hard but then the just give up.  and can be easily pulled in. I prefer to fish with my spinning rod and reel but I didnt catch a single fish with it (several bites, and once I pulled a piranha up, out of the water before it jumped back).

After a few hours of fishing for piranhas in the lake, we went back to the boat and I was able to catch a Piraosca. I cast again, as well as I could with the borrowed cane pole, and let the baited hook sink as deep as it would go in the current. I let it sit for a few seconds and my rod jerked down I set the hook and the fish bent the rod double. I was afraid it would break but the fish tired after a few seconds and I was able to force the heavy fish up to the surface. I reached down and cautiously grabbed the fish by the lip. It thrashed and its teeth ripped my thumb up. Note to self: this is not a largemouth bass. So I pulled the whale…er… catfish onto the boat, it weighed in at 2.8 pounds and measured 21 inches. It was called a Pirabucão and it turned out to be the largest fish of the trip.

The last fish of the trip was a beatiful Blue Candiru…


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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