We were on our way to Itapiranga when it started to rain very hard. We were driving as fast as we could in our van but were only going about 60 MPH (our 9 seater van had the same size engine as a Smart car) the rain was so hard that visibility was very low and we barely saw the tree in the road in time. The driver threw on the brakes and we screeched to halt in front of the tree sprawled across the road. We were able to get around it as it left about 3 feet open on the opposite lane.

We got to the town without further incident but when stopped at a gas station to get directions I spotted this praying mantis in a ditch where it had got washed in. A cat was trying to fish it out and it was drowning. So I saved its life and got photos.


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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  1. Grace from Brazil says:

    I guess its prayers were answered.

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