We visited a creek that I plan to collect at, but this time I didnt have time to fish, just take pictures and get water samples for tests. It was a clear water creek, unfortunately (for the fish) across the road from the city dump and I wasnt sure if there would even be any fish. Fortunately there were. I saw tons of tetras and a 5 inch traira, or wolf fish wich seemed perfectly healthy and active. I didnt see any apistos but it deffinately looked like a good place for them. Contrary to what I expected the results of the tests were normal, PH below 6.0, 0ppm  of Nitrate, and Ammonia. The water was extremely soft and clean besides the trash littered around the otherwise normal creek.


About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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  1. Hudson says:

    I try to, but it doesnt always happen. Thanks for commenting. If I remember right you came here not to long ago on your orange Bros, we passed tons of them on the way and I kept thanking of you

  2. Maninmanaus says:

    Look forward to seeing the photos Hudson. Funny – I never thought of BV having a dump… Do you take water samples everywhere you go? The chemical readings alone would be interesting. Cheers, Clive.

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