I was able to fish in two places today. I didnt have much time at either, but I finally got some Apistogrammas in my net.At the first creek, called, Ai Grande, I caught two types of pencilfish, numerous Hyphessobrycon sp. a few Mesonauta insignis in the grass, Fluviphylax pygmaeus (?), Apistogramma rupununi, and what I think are Farlowellas.

Ai Grande

 Ai Grande was very muddy and there was very little leaf litter so I had a lot of trouble moving anywhere,  making it difficult to fish effectively. The only Apisto I caught was in the mouth of the tiny stream to the right of the foto. After I had muddied up that creek I visited another, 5 kilometers further from Boa Vista called Agua Boa.



At Agua Boa the water had an unusual bluish tint. The water was deep with lots of movement and current, which was not good for catching Apistos. I caught yet another species of pencilfish, more tetras, some golden Splash tetras, a few tiny characids, a 9 inch Hoplias malabaricus, three Apistogrammas, a Gymnotid eel and the most disconcerting fish of all… the parasitic Candiru. I was not very eager to get back in the water after catching several of them. I tried to catch a small dwarf Pike Cichlid, but he evaded my net with such skill that he escaped. As I was about to leave I noticed many two – three inch fish in the current, that to me looked like Darters, I positioned my net downstream and scared them into the net. They were catfish of course (I should have known) and I kept a few of them


I officialy do not know what it is, but if I had to hazard a guess (with no knowledge of this area's apistos) I would guess A. wapisana

This afternoon I will go fishing again north of boa vista and will have more time, stay tuned for updates.


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Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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