As strange as it may seem, until a few months ago I had never had one of these, after being into apistos for almost a year.

This is one of the most commonly offered apisto for sale but for some reason I had never kept this species.

I got my first cacatuoides unexpectedly one day while fishing in a lake.

It happened unexpectedly as I lifted my net to the shore.

There was a beautiful yellow apisto in the net! I identified it as a female imediately but I had no clue as to wich species it belonged.

I continued to fish along the banks my back aching from lifting the heavy net. I got lots of female agassizii, beautiful laetecaras, wolf fish and more but still no adult male apeared.

And then my net broke. If you have ever tried fishing with three broken PVC pipes and some screen you will know that it isnt very easy.

But i continued.  It seemed that as i went along the shore i caught less and less laetecara for some reason.

Anyway I still could get fish and I was determined to get that male apisto.

Finally i did. Suddenly, it was there in my net a bluish apisto!!!

It had an attractive lyretail with a orange speck on its caudal fin. It had black lines on the body and a large head. In general the fins were quite long and flowing. The cheeks were golden and the lips were a metallic, sky blue.

Cópia de P4180059

I imediately put it in the bag with the others.

Fast foward several days and it was swimming gracefully in my tanks through the plants, chasing other fish away from its kingdom, an 8 gallon apisto tank. Litterally minutes after being put in it was clearly the dominant fish in the tank. It clearly had a bluish sheen to it and was a beautiful sight to see.

Before, I never really considered the Apistogramma cacatuoides as an apisto for my tanks but know, they are some of my favorites.



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