I have repeatedly collected this fish from a small river just outside of Manaus The collected adult males shimmer with the prettiest turquoise spangles. I currently have five and continue to add to this, as each fish is prettier then the last.

Size: This is one of the larger Apistogrammas and can grow to just over three inches.

Distribution: This fish has a wide range, all the way up to Boa Vista in the north of Brazil down 600 miles to Manaus.

Aggression, tankmates: This fish can be kept with almost any dwarf cichlid as it is not too aggressive and is large enough to hold its own with larger laetecaras or nannacaras. It will pick a territory and chase other fish away.

Housing requirements: This fish does well in a 15 gallon tank 1 male to 3 females. This fish apreciates leaves, driftwood and plants in the tank for cover. Acidic and soft water is needed to breed these fish.

Notes: This is a nice fish and isnt very shy and if you keep them in the right tank they will look great!


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