I have caught this fish on many occasions but never really tried to keep them seriously until last month when I brought a bag full (6) of the little gems.

They were typical marginatus except for very pretty red markings and points. Along the middle black stripe is a definent red line and the anal fin sports bright red marks.

I collected them in a small jungle stream with a very low ph, hardness and alkalinity. I could see them flitting about in the clear water.

Size: This is one of the dwarf pencilfish and it rarely exceeds an inch or so.

Distribution: This fish is found in much of South america.

Aggression, tankmates. This fish needs others of its own kind, a school of 5 is the minimum. You will be rewarded though as these highly intelligent fish are very playful. These fish mostly occupy the top zones so they should be kept with smaller fish who tend to inhabit the middle to bottom zones.

Housing requirements: This fish requires a tank of at least ten gallons.  This fish needs a lid as this fish will jump out if given the chance. This fish does well in soft water and with a soft ph. This fish enjoys plants.

Notes: This is a very active and interesting fish that will accept a broad range of parameters. They are beautiful and only require a small ten gallon tank.



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