After driving a half an hour on rough dirt roads I arrived at the gorgeous spring fed stream. The water was perfectly clear, full of green, aquatic vegetation, underneath the surface. Tetras roamed in groups through the current, an adult Heros sp. had staked out its territory underneath a log and a large, single Satanoperca sp. sifted through the silt. It was perfect, I had 40 minutes before I had to go back to Boa Vista, not much time, but enough to get a good idea of the species.

The aquatic plants were stunning, in some places rivalring the greatest planted tanks I had ever seen.

Finally it was time for me to jump in, and start fishing. The first  few dips of the net brought up a healthy Apistogramma, probably A. gibbiceps, the first of my trip

I caught several more of them, many differant tetras, and pencilfish and even a pike cichlid! I couldn’t catch a single heros or Satanoperca though.

I caught only a single Hypselecara

One surprise was that I did not catch a single rupununi or any other apisto besides the “gibbiceps”, which I had not caught anywhere else.

On the way back I passed igarapes….

…and dry igarapés



About Hudson

Fish enthusiast in the heart of the Amazon.

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  1. Hudson says:

    Thank you Vin Kutty, today I made it home with two dwarf pike cichlids, if I had to guess I would guess regani, but I am not sure. My latest post has a picture.

  2. Vin Kutty says:

    Incredible habitat! Wish I were there with a waterproof video camera! Thanks for sharing.

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